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[Archival Reupload / Free Civic Advertising / Journalistic Repost; Uploader does not own the Copyright to this Media.] Original Video; Published September 22 2019 "GET THIS ITEM BPA-FREE - Safely made in America. FITS REGULAR, THIN & SHORT SODA POP CANS - EASY ON & OFF - DISHWASHER SAFE - PREVENTS SPILLS, RETAINS FIZZ - Tight seal locks in your beverage. The seal keeps half of a beverage fizzy for 8-10 hours in the fridge. Repeated exposure to air or shaking the beverage will diminish the carbonation faster. VALUE PACK - You will receive 8 can covers per order. Each cover is a different color for easy owner identification. MADE IN USA - Your purchase supports families in the USA and our veteran-owned company in Texas." -JasonVDyson